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The countdown to the launch of The Time of the Stripes has begun! With only a handful of sleeps to go, it’s time to start revealing a little more about this book.

With my Aurora books I always do Selected Sentences in the lead up to the launch, but I’ve decided to do something different for this new book. You see, with the Aurora series, readers already know the characters, so the Selected Sentences, particularly dialogue extracts, carry more weight. People can read a lot into the Selected Sentences because of the familiarity with the plot and these characters. But The Time of the Stripes is a brand new beast, therefore, I need to approach things differently.

So, to tantalise you into reading this new book, I’m going to introduce you to some of the residents of Victoryville and ‘tease’ out their story….

Make sure you check back to this page each day throughout the coming week, as I reveal one new character per day.

*All teasers now complete.

Preorder your copy today!

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Amanda Bridgeman

Amanda is an award-winning writer of both original and tie-in fiction. Her works include the near future crime thriller, THE SUBJUGATE, which is being developed for TV; Scribe Award winning procedural thriller, PANDEMIC: PATIENT ZERO; and Marvel X-Men novel, SOUND OF LIGHT, which has been embraced by Dazzler fans around the world.

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