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**Winner of the 2023 Scribe Award for Best Original Short Story**

My story, ‘Reconsecration’ is available in the Warhammer 40k anthology – Inferno! The Emperor’s Finest. 

If you like far-future stories that blend sci-fi and fantasy, you’ll enjoy this.

“Of course, no decent anthology is complete without a few new names arriving on the scene. Especially with Black Library, these anthologies are a testing ground for new authors, and there are four here that really caught my eye… Amanda Bridgeman’s ‘Reconsecration’ is a little more traditional in its accounting of an encounter between Sisters of Battle and a heretic horde, whose dark gods aren’t quite what you’d expect. There is a lot packed into this short story, but Bridgeman pulls it all together marvellously.– Alex Hormann @ At Boundary’s Edge.

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