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A while ago I announced that I’d been commissioned to write a story in the Warhammer 40k universe. After several COVID related delays, I’m excited to say that’s finally being released this November in the anthology – Inferno! Presents: The Emperor’s Finest.

When I started exploring this massive universe, as soon as I saw the Adepta Sororitas, a.k.a. the Sisters of Battle, I knew I wanted to write about them. My story ‘Reconsecration‘ focuses on the faction of Battle Sisters known as the Sisters of the Valorous Heart. It tells the tale of a young Battle Sister who is eager to prove herself, while thrust into a deadly situation.

If you like far-future stories that blend sci-fi and fantasy, you’ll enjoy these. To pre-order, click on the image below.

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Amanda Bridgeman

Amanda is an award-winning writer of both original and tie-in fiction. Her works include the near future crime thriller, THE SUBJUGATE, which is being developed for TV; Scribe Award winning procedural thriller, PANDEMIC: PATIENT ZERO; and Marvel X-Men novel, SOUND OF LIGHT, which has been embraced by Dazzler fans around the world.

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