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** Optioned for TV by Aquarius Films (Lion) and Anonymous Content (True Detective, Mr Robot) **

Development funding received from Screen Australia!

In a small religious community rocked by a spree of shocking murders, Detectives Salvi Brentt and Mitch Grenville find themselves surrounded by suspects. The Children of Christ have a tight grip on their people, and the Solme Complex neurally edit violent criminals – Subjugates – into placid servants called Serenes. In a town where purity and sin, temptation and repression live side by side, everyone has a motive. But as the bodies mount up, the frustrated detectives begin to crack under the pressure: their demons are coming to light, and who knows where that blurred line between man and monster truly lies…

Praise as The Subjugate makes several lists:

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Kirkus ReviewsBest New Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror‘.

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The Subjugate is a compelling seat-of-the-pants murder mystery and a fascinating inquiry into good and evil and the possibility of redemption.” – The Guardian

“This new book combines convincing near-future forecasting with great characters and a police-procedural murder mystery with some neat twists and turns to achieve full page-turner status—all without sacrificing intelligence for thrills.” – Locus Magazine

“Extraordinarily well-written and tense as hell towards the end, The Subjugate’ is a novel that will stay with me for some time. Reminiscent of films as diverse as Blade Runner and Witness, Amanda Bridgeman’s murder mystery had me guessing right up until the end with plenty of plausible suspects peppered throughout the book. A literal “whodunnit” up to the very end, The Subjugate’ is a rewarding read for science-fiction and murder mysteries fans alike. I loved everything about the book from the main concept of the Subjugates and Serenes to the complicated relationship between the lead characters – it may sound like a cliché, but I couldn’t put this one down. Fully deserving of a big-screen adaptation, The Subjugate’ is definitely one of my favourite reads of the year!” – Pop Culture Bandit Blog

“There have been some great science fiction crime/thriller novels this year. The Subjugate stands at the top of the mix due to the obvious talent of its author. Bridgeman masterfully weaves her story, sending you on a wild goose chase, giving you an inkling of a solution, only to turn things back around unexpectedly. The best qualities of a thriller are at work here, and she plays on them expertly.” Reviews and Robots

“If you’re looking for a new detective novel to fall in love with, you have to read “The Subjugate” – Radioactive Book Reviews

“This book is just so incredibly amazing! It’s one of those combinations where if done incorrectly it wouldn’t work at all. BUT, it was done better than correctly and just: wow.” – YA It’s Lit Blog

“Part traditional police procedural, part exploration of redemption and the possibility of change, The Subjugate cleverly and apparently effortlessly builds a future world that is both engaging and utterly terrifying.”
– Kaaron Warren, award-winning author of The Grief Hole and Tide of Stone

“An intelligent, believable future wrapped around an intriguing mystery.”
– Kylie Chan, bestselling author of the Dark Heavens trilogy

The Wire meets Blade Runner in this enthralling near-future crime thriller.”
– Nathan M Farrugia, USA Today bestseller and author of Helix

“An old school whodunit set in a frighteningly near future.”
– Luke Preston, screenwriter and author of Out of Exile

Available in ebook, paperback and audiobook.

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