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Just when Spud thinks he’s out of trouble, his life suddenly comes full circle.

Teamed up once again with his brother and the Benobi crew, he sets out to find his Senator father, who is being held hostage by a deadly foe for an impossible price: one terrifying X03.

Will it be a case of third time lucky for Spud? Or has he pushed his luck one too many times battling these bio-engineered killing machines?

Cover Design: Amanda Pillar, Smoking Hot Covers

Here’s what some early reviews are saying:

“There are so many twists and turns here, it’s like driving down that long zig-zaggy road in San Francisco…The action is great, and the writing and storyline pull you in from page one. The ending is fabulous (you’ll see why when you get there), and I sincerely hope this is the start of a longer series as I’ve grown to know and love these characters.” – Kay (Goodreads)

“Spud and the crew just keep getting better… I can honestly say that I don’t want this to be the last we see of these characters. The crew of Benobi-451 along with the Galactic Force navy make for exciting reading. The suspense alone would make this un-put-downable but Amanda Bridgeman added in the family dynamics and elevated it to the next level. You will chew through the pages.” – Carol (Goodreads)

“A wonderful bit of fun, this trilogy can be enjoyed slowly, like a fine wine, or hard, fast and in your face like shots of tequila!” – Wookii13 (Amazon AU)

“Entertaining and so much fun to read. Glued to the end to see what they must survive this time. ” – Christinaraven (Goodreads)

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