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THE DEEPEST JUNGLE (Spud Compton #2)

Strap in for another action-packed and terrifying adventure with Spud Compton!

Having found himself on the wrong side of Navy justice, Spud is forcibly teamed with his estranged brother’s military unit and thrown into a situation five times deadlier than the last.

Their mission: head into a jungle on the uninhabited planet of Bracken-Loti and capture a group of rogue X03s.

Cover Design: Amanda Pillar, Smoking Hot Covers

Early reviews are starting to drop. Here’s what readers are saying:

“Unpredictable, exciting, emotional, and a nice wee cute surprise (always welcome). You’ll be turning the pages with relish!” – Kay (Goodreads)

“Book 2 of the series is part Indiana Jones and part Star Wars. Strap yourself in because this adventure will have you on the edge of your seat!” – Wookii13 (Amazon AU)

“The writing of this series is spot on and the humorous twists on many sci fi films can make you unexpectedly laugh out loud.” – Carol (Goodreads)

“Great story, plenty of action, especially liked the ending. Looks like book 3 will be a wild ride too.” – Vonrickstr (Amazon US)

“This second episode of the Spud Compton series is full of action. Can’t wait for the next book!” – Mel Sen (Apple AU)

“Lots of fun to read and very entertaining.” – Christy (Amazon US)

“A great continuation from the first book. I love the characters, and the story is action packed from start to finish!” – Jo-Ann (Amazon CA)

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