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THE DARKEST CARGO (Spud Compton #1)

Spud Compton is an ex-soldier running cargo across space, while also running from his past – most notably his well-known Senator father and his war-hero older brother.

When Spud’s ex-girlfriend suddenly turns up in his life with an urgent job, he knows he should walk away. Money is tight, though, and he can’t afford to turn it down.

Spud takes on the cargo run, but soon finds himself with both the mob and navy on his tail, all the while the biggest threat to his life sits inside the cargo hold of his ship, just waiting to be released.

What starts as a simple job, turns into a fight for his life and that of his crew, as a black-ops bio-engineered creature is released – and it won’t stop until it has eliminated all threats.

Cover Design: Amanda Pillar, Smoking Hot Covers

Early reviews are starting to drop. Here’s what readers are saying:

“A spaceship adventure in the style of Firefly and the Aurora series. This is a gripping, action-packed story that when I picked it up, I could not put down until I finished it… A great easy-to-read, action-packed, character-driven space adventure.” – Sean (Goodreads)

“‘The Darkest Cargo’ is an adrenalin pumping, stomach clenching ride of sheer fear by a master spinner of nightmares.” – Andrew (The Alternate History Review)

“Bridgeman ratchets up the tension expertly, with a sci-fi storyline that’s perfectly suited to the short-form novella format. On one hand, the format forces a fast storytelling style that forcibly drags the reader, breathless (and loving it), along with it. The flipside being, you’ll finish the story and immediately want more! Thankfully, there are two other books to follow in the series!” – Tony. H. (Goodreads)

“After laying down a bit of background, this is a fast and furious page-turner which held my attention fully. The pacing fits the storyline perfectly. Well-written, great world building and a strong believable cast. I’m looking forward to reading more in this series.” – Kay (Goodreads)

“A must-read for fans of the Aurora series! Bridgeman lures you in with the easy camaraderie of Spud Compton and his crew, before slamming you with the action. The unrelenting pace will leave you impatient for the next book in the series.” – Mel Sen (Apple AU)

“For me this novella was terrific and I didn’t want it end.” – Carol (Goodreads)

“If you love Amanda Bridgeman’s Aurora series, then this is the next series you want to read.” – Joanne (Google Play)

“If you like your sci-fi and your loveable rogues, this newest addition to the author’s collection of characters will get your blood pumping.” – Wookii13 (Amazon AU)

“This was a fun ride. Non stop action and very witty characters… I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.” – Tony. F. (Goodreads)

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