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Pandemic: Patient Zero

**Winner of the 2022 Scribe Award for Best Original Fiction – General**


An exciting new series based on the hit family game, Pandemic begins with a deadly disease breaking out in darkest Peru – it’s up to a crack team of experts to find the source before it spreads, in this taut airport thriller.

Bodhi Patel is the brand new Lead Epidemiologist for the world’s top epidemic specialists, Global Health Agency, but there’s no time to settle in: his new boss, Helen Taylor, deploys GHA to contain a mysterious new killer virus spreading into Brazil. On the ground they learn that the virus is loose in a region controlled by a heavily armed drug warlord, and the race against time to discover a cure just got a whole lot tougher. Meanwhile, Bodhi finds himself with a newly reshuffled team still smarting from the changes, including his ex – the last person he expected to be working with.

Available in paperback, ebook and audiobook. Translations available (Book covers below):

French (translated by Timothée Roblin, published by Edition 404)

German (translated by René Ulmer, published by Cross Cult)

Spanish  (translated by Patricia Mora, published by Minotauro)

Italian (coming soon) | Russian (coming soon).

Here’s what some reviewers have to say:

“As a modern day thriller with human interest drama at its heart, I enjoyed this a great deal and devoured it in one sitting the day it came out.” – Michael Lloyd, Waterstones Bookseller.

“Adapting that kind of social tabletop experience into a novel and making it engaging and enjoyable is no small order but I’m happy to say that Bridgeman pulls it off….Overall I was pleasantly surprised by Pandemic: Patient Zero. I was expecting a fairly shlocky tie-in but we got a fun science based adventure that would be perfectly holiday reading.” – James (Goodreads)

“Well done and brilliantly written with relatable characters.” – Michael (Goodreads)

“I enjoyed the fast pace of this novel – Bridgeman did a good job of showing the dangers of a new disease without being too overdramatic.” – Mary (Goodreads)

“Bridgeman is the author of a science fiction series, and I think the right author to take on the challenge of adapting the game. She was able to introduce a large cast of characters with enough backstory to be believable and to make the reader care about them, but not loo much to weigh the story down with unnecessary details.” – Elizabeth (Goodreads)

“This book reminded me of a TV show that has a group of people working together to stop the “bad guy of the week,” where each character has their strength they bring to the team. TV shows like NCIS, 24, Arrow, The Flash, flashed through my head while reading this book. Honestly, it read and played out like a TV show in my mind. The writing was good, and I was able to picture everything very clearly.” – Katie (Goodreads)

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