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Sound of Light is out now and available in trade paperback and ebook formats, where all good books are sold. Translations available soon!

In the electrifying trans-dimensional adventure, Sound of Light, Dazzler, rock ‘n’ roll, and the children of Cyclops and Magneto launch into space and beyond.

When rock star Dazzler walked out on S.H.I.E.L.D., in Sound of Light, she hoped she’d seen the last of the clandestine organization. But when a rogue agent drops in after a sold-out gig, she must decide whether to work with them again or stick to her solo career.

The agent links Mutant Growth Hormone — a dangerous biochemical that wildly enhances mutant powers — with the disappearance of Magneto and Cyclops. Reluctantly, Dazzler takes the case and unfolds a mystery greater than she anticipated. In need of a new team, she recruits the extraordinary mutants Emma Frost, Sage, Polaris, and Rachel Grey on a mission to foil a plot to remove mutantkind forever, which blasts them from Earth into a whole new dimension.

Sound of Light is part of the MARVEL: SCHOOL OF X line, following the young members of the New Charles Xavier School for Mutants. The series explores their stories of adventure, defiance, and growth as these characters discover their abilities, a new “found family,” and their place in the world.

Here’s what readers have to say:

“Dazzler shines like never before in a plot that unfolds like cool-girl noir.” Leah Williams, Author of X-Terminators.

“Sound of Light has me positively dazzled. Bridgeman really lets her glow in this fast-paced adventure!” Carrie Harris, Author of Shadow Avengers.

“Thank you for your research, care given to and respect for Dazzler and her fans. The book is incredible.” @mwanders4 on Instagram.

“It is easily the best Dazzler story I have read in years!” @betterthanleg0s on Twitter.

“Blown away by @Bridgeman_Book #xmen novel Sound of Light. I would read anything Dazzler but now I’ll read anything Amanda. (It’s soooo good!).” @Falsettoland on Twitter

“I have been a “fanatical fan” of Dazzler for decades. A beloved character of great potential who, with some notable exceptions, was never allowed to reach it. “Sound Of Light” was one of those exceptions….  “Sound of Light” was a great comeback for my favorite mutant. Granted it’s a novel and not a comic but I’ll take any GOOD Dazzler story anywhere I can find it. Here’s hoping Amanda Bridgeman brightens my day with another Dazzler story real soon.” D. Wood (

“Sound of Light is a wonderfully complex and action packed story. Bridgeman does a wonderful job of bringing all the characters to life, but I especially love how she handles Dazzler. We see her struggles, internal and external, her desire for a somewhat normal life, but also unsure of where she truly belongs, worried she won’t be accepted by regular humans and mutants alike. So while the story has a huge arc, potentially effecting all of human/mutantkind, in other ways it’s also a very personal tale. Marvel fans, especially those still patiently waiting for mutants to arrive on the big screen, will want to check this book out.” Kevin P. (Netgalley)

“One thing I absolutely loved about this book was that whilst we did have throwbacks to some hugely well-known characters within the franchise (I won’t spoil them, you’ll have to read to see who makes an appearance 😉) the story did not rely on them to build momentum and hold attention. Our unassuming heroines capture your attention and heart by themselves and keep you rooting for them from start to end.” Chelsea H. (Netgalley)

“Amanda Bridgeman gives you the feeling that she knows and cares for these characters all – of them keep true to their comic book roots and personalities we have come to love, which again aids to the feel of reading a comic…. The storyline itself is tightly woven and it kept me guessing. As always no spoilers but I adored the ‘main’ baddie reveal again it was clear that Bridgeman knows their source material and used it to create a brilliant story.” Siobhain M. (Netgalley)

“Dazzler gets plenty of time to shine in this novel. In the past, I felt like many comic writers didn’t really know what to do with her, but by giving her a gentle modernization, Alison’s personality feels so much more fleshed-out. She feels more confident and less “gimmicky“ as a rock musician, and I also really liked what Bridgeman did with her power set – she found lots of creative ways to use it, and I don’t recall seeing anything similar done in comics of the past years.” Reviewer 1035691 (Netgalley)

“This is a really excellent novel about some of Marvel’s lesser-known characters, and is a fine showcase of how superheroes can be used to tell symbolically relevant stories well beyond the confines of their genre-specific tropes.” Trevor W (Netgalley)

“Although this does reference events that happen in volume three of the Uncanny X-Men comics, reading them is not necessary to enjoy this book. The author does a good job of providing enough background for even casual Marvel fans to understand Alison’s backstory and motivations. The references to comic book events were like fun Easter eggs to be found for comic book readers and Dazzler fans.” Librarian 43651 (Netgalley)

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