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Well, 2019 has drawn to a close. It’s been a crazy busy year that started with the release of AURIZUN (AURORA 7) and finished with the announcement of my new novel, PANDEMIC: PATIENT ZERO (coming your way in June 2020).

In between, of course, there was the Australian paperback release of THE SUBJUGATE, winning the Tin Duck Award for Best Long Form Written Work at Swancon (for The Subjugate), another awesome Supanova tour (Sydney + Perth), The Subjugate audiobook, and signing a bunch of contracts – most of which will be announced next year – and then researching and writing these new projects.

I’ve also had some success on the screenwriting front too – something I haven’t mentioned publicly before, but hey, I’m celebrating the year that was. I mentioned earlier in the year about being accepted into a special 10 week screenplay workshop run by the Pinnacles Screen Collective and funded by Screenwest. It was an awesome workshop that saw me develop and refine one of the screenplays I had been working on. So much so, that I decided to then apply for an awesome pitch development opportunity with the Australian arm of a large international screen production and distribution company. I was so happy when I discovered that I had made the shortlist (of 5, I believe, out of over 80 applicants)! Although my film wasn’t chosen in the end (but hey, it made the top 5 – I still call that a win!), I had some great feedback sessions with senior members of this awesome company and look forward to seeing where this side of my career goes. Rome wasn’t built in a day, right? One step at a time.

At this rate, however, I’m probably going to be busy with back-to-back edits until about April, but after that I hope to have some time off. And when I say time off, I mean time with no official deadlines where I can write the next Aurora novel and hopefully complete a few other projects that have been begging me to finish them (novels, novellas and screenplays).

Of course, if I’ve learned anything over the past 12 months, it’s that awesome opportunities crop up unexpectedly all the time, so you never know where the year might take you. Therefore I’m trying not to make too many hard and fast plans other than getting the next Aurora book out (before my Aurora readers get too cranky – thank you for your patience!).

Keep an eye on this website because I’ll have some more exciting news to share soon.

I hope your 2019 was a good one, and here’s to 2020 being even better.

Happy New Year!

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Amanda Bridgeman

Amanda is an award-winning writer of both original and tie-in fiction. Her works include the near future crime thriller, THE SUBJUGATE, which is being developed for TV; Scribe Award winning procedural thriller, PANDEMIC: PATIENT ZERO; and Marvel X-Men novel, SOUND OF LIGHT, which has been embraced by Dazzler fans around the world.

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