Aurora: Atlas (Aurora #8)

By August 27, 2020Latest News

Those of you following my social media will note that I shared this cover and blurb with my newsletter subscribers a couple of weeks ago and promised to reveal it everywhere else soon. So… finally, here it is, along with the teaser blurb!

NOTE – I’m sharing this as a kind of PROOF OF LIFE, so you know that book 8 is definitely underway. I know you’re very keen for it and have been waiting patiently and I thank you. However, please note that I am actually still writing it, so I do not have a publication date as yet, but I am sharing the cover and blurb so you know that I have not forgotten you, dear Aurora readers! I’ll get this book to you as soon as I can – while also juggling other projects (some not yet announced) and also a day job!

WARNING: This is book #8 in the series so there will be SPOILERS below for earlier books if you have not read these yet. Don’t say I didn’t warn you...

Thanks to Pat Naoum for yet another great Aurora cover!

The preparation for war has begun, but it will take them places they never expected…

Saul Harris’ truth has now been set free, but he is not yet a free man. Closely watched by the UNF, everyone across the inhabited space zone wants to know more about him. Is he the hero they didn’t know they needed? Or is his connection to the enemy a ticking time bomb? Harris is prepared to lay all his cards on the table so that mankind can move forward and prepare as they must for the war to come. But will they trust his leadership or oppose it?

Carrie Welles finds her life in a state of sudden flux. After a tragic accident reveals a startling truth, she is forced into the sidelines and must find her place in the world and in the upcoming war. Is she to play a key part alongside Harris? Or is her role to guide the next generation into saving them all? As her children, Brody, Freya and Jesse move into their teenage years, they too begin to find themselves embroiled in their own struggles as they move toward the approaching war and the expectations placed upon them. Then, of course, there are the JEMS to deal with…

Meanwhile, James McKinley, finds himself in a state of isolation, watched by all. He is the first Alpha-Mech soldier in existence, but is he the prototype of mankind’s resistance against the Zetas? Or is he a volatile weapon that must be tightly controlled and perhaps destroyed? McKinley has always resisted the UNF’s controlling ways, so will he fight against this too? Or will he accept his fate, hone his skill, and become the ultimate killer they want him to be? And if he does, is he prepared for what the personal cost may be?

Alliances will be made. Friendships and family loyalties will break.

AURORA: ATLAS is the stunning continuation of the Aurora series that sees each of the characters find the paths of their destiny, as they ready themselves for the final war.

About Amanda Bridgeman

Amanda is an author and screenwriter. She is Tin Duck Award winner, an Aurealis and Ditmar Awards finalist and author of several science fiction novels, including THE SUBJUGATE which has been optioned for TV. She is also a two-time pitch finalist for Universal (AU) and AACTA.


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