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They survived the alien visitation.

But can they survive each other?

No-one had heard of Victoryville before. But when an alien spaceship appears, hovering over the town, the whole world suddenly knows its name. After twenty-four hours and a failed military assault, the ship disappears without a trace.

When the outside world restores communication to the town, thousands are reported missing. Those who remain in Victoryville are irreparably changed. However, only some have been left with strange red marks upon their skin.

Quarantined from the outside world and segregated within, alliances are made and relationships are shattered, as everyone fights for the truth – and for their own survival.

Here’s what readers are saying:

“Bridgeman builds the tension through the action of her characters and points all the pieces of her plot toward a finely explosive finish…This is the kind of smart scary story that gives me a book hangover. I recommend you pick up a copy and get ready for the ride.” West Coast Book Reviews

“…the author hurls you into a situation that will test you to the core of your being. How would you react? Which side would you be on? This book is thought provoking and I would recommend it to everyone.” Carol (Goodreads)

“Segregated, isolated, the inevitable rise of tensions between the two sides had me engrossed.” Shell (

“The gradual build-up of storyline had me on the edge…when it came to the explosive and sometimes gut-wrenching ending, it was magnetic and I found I had my book opened whenever I got a few spare moments.” Jamie (Goodreads)

“Amanda Bridgeman has an uncanny ability to create very real and engaging characters that pull you into the storyline. The Time of the Stripes was a fantastic combination of suspense, love and terror.” Jessica (Goodreads)

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