Recent Guest Spots and Special Mentions for the Aurora Series

In preparation of the upcoming release of AURORA: MERIDIAN, I’ve paid a visit to several blogs to discuss all things writing and the Aurora series. Links to the blogs can be found below:

1) The Australian Writer’s Marketplace Online asked me to take part in their ‘Take 5’ series of chats with writers. You can find my interview here.

2) Visiting the blog of Lady Anakina, I spoke about the top film inspirations behind the Aurora series. You can check out the post here.

3) I undertook a guest post for Chris Andrews’ blog, where I discussed the top 5 attributes a writer needs to succeed: Patience, Willingness, Discipline, Understanding, and Gratitude. Chris released them in 5 separate posts, which you can find below:

Part 1 – Patience

Part 2 – Willingness

Part 3 – Discipline

Part 4 – Understanding

Part 5 – Gratitude

4) On Pauline B Jones’ blog, I discussed why I wrote Aurora: Meridian. You can read it here.

5) On Graham Storrs’ blog, I state five good reasons why writers should travel. You can read it here.

6) I’ll b e visiting Jason Franks’ blog soon. So stay tuned!

I also received a couple of mentions in blog posts from others:

1) Editor extraordinaire, Stephanie Smith, gave my Aurora series a wonderful mention in her Snapshot 2014 interview, which you can read here.

2) Writer Rachel Amphlett gave me a special mention in her blog discussing marketing techniques that you can steal from the movies to market your books. You can find her post here.

3) A few other writers also gave the Aurora series a special shout-out in their Snapshot 2014 interviews. Donna Maree Hanson’s can be found here. Jason Franks’ can be found here. And Dean J Anderson’s can be found here.

4) Skiffy and Fanty (American SFF Podcasters) were putting together ‘A World SF Reading List’ and asked for recommendations to be added, and the Aurora Series was nominated (thanks to sci-fi author Patty Jansen). You can find the blog here.

About Amanda Bridgeman

Author of the science fiction space opera series, AURORA, Amanda Bridgeman studied film & television/creative writing at Murdoch University (BA Communication Studies) and has been published by Pan Macmillan. Aurora:Meridian was a finalist for Best Science Fiction Novel (Aurealis).